Nohat Search Tip & Trick

I want bring to you a fast and simple experience, but need a little cooperation from you

Best search query format:

keywords + format

Format need at the end of search string. Examples:

office man vector
office man photo
office man png
handwriting font

Available formats:

  • photo
  • vector
  • png
  • psd
  • font
  • lightroom preset

Do and Don't

If remove a word that not affect to what you want, let remove it from your search string!

The man working at the companyman working company
Vector social mediasocial media vector
office man and vector formatoffice man vector

Shortcut Key

Remember below keys, they help you quickly do an action, relax your hand, save your mouse

  • S - Focus to Search form
  • C - Clear search form content
  • T - Scroll to Top of page

Mr Leu,