Selected area will be scaled and cropped to fit the following demensions.


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Power-User Tips

Get the most out of Nohat Cropter.


You can use wildcards to specify an unconstrained dimension.

For example: Let's say that the image should be 60 pixels high, but the width is flexible

You would specify that as


Wildcards can be specified as an empty string, the asterix * or if you want to be very clear, you can use the string ANY

You would specify that as


Copy-Paste a dimensions from a website:

Many websites and WordPress themes specify recommended dimensions:

Examples: recommended size 263x53px, 263px x 53px etc.

You don't need to parse out those dimensions and enter them into the dimension box. You can simply paste the dimension string and this tool will automatically parse out the dimensions.

Working with SVGs

SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) have the advantage that they will look great at any scale. Adobe Illustrator supports working with SVGs natively. Many browsers support SVGs as well. However, many don't. You can crop an SVG to any dimensions you wish with this tool and the resulting crop will look sharp.

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